Week 2 College Football Rankings

1-Alabama (1-0): Demolished a ranked Miami team and looked relatively flawless in doing it. Will be very difficult to beat this year.

2-Georgia (1-0): Offense can use some work but the defense looked nasty against Clemson.

3-Oklahoma (1-0): Looked mortal for most of the game against Tulane. Tulane is sneaky good and the OU offense is so good that I’ll give them a pass, but another lackluster effort and they are going to drop.

4-Ohio State (1-0): 2 TD road win in a tough environment. Excited to see how they play against Oregon in Columbus.

5-Texas A&M (1-0): Looked good in Week 1. Very well-rounded team.

6-Cincinnati (1-0): Looked dominant in Week 1.

7-Clemson (0-1): Defense was solid, but offense didn’t score a touchdown. Needs to get it together, but a world of talent.

8-UCLA (2-0): Offense has looked vintage Chip Kelly and are coming off a massive win vs. LSU.

9-Texas (1-0): 20 point win against a talented Louisiana team.

10-Iowa State (1-0): I knew the UNI game was going to be tough with the lookahead spot here vs. Iowa. Great game coming up this weekend.

11-Iowa (1-0): Huge win against a solid Indiana team.

12-Penn State (1-0): Offense looked horrible, but defense played great and got them a monster Big 10 road win to open the season.

13-Florida (1-0): solid if uninspired Week 1 win.

14-Oregon (1-0): We’ll know how good they are after this week. Fresno State may end up looking like a really good team and a 7 point home win will look better.

15-Notre Dame (1-0): Never should have let FSU come back but they ended up with the win and that’s all that matters.

16-USC (1-0): solid win in Week 1 against San Jose State

17-Coastal Carolina (1-0): This team may go undefeated and they are very good. Too bad their schedule will hurt them in terms of national respect.

18-Arizona State (1-0): This team is very dangerous

19-Virginia Tech (1-0): Very nice Week 1 win against a UNC team that can still be top 15 by end of year.

20-North Carolina (0-1): Didn’t play up to their potential, but they are better than they looked.

21-Ole Miss (1-0): Defense will continue to be a problem, but a nice win vs Louisville without Head Coach Kiffin.

22-Auburn (1-0): No idea how good they are with early season schedule.

23-UCF (1-0): Really nice win against a solid Boise State team.

24-LSU (0-1): UCLA is better than people think.

25-Utah (1-0): Looked lackluster in Week 1, but the Holy War this week will show how good they are right now.